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Drive Mode

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We just did the paperwork for my wife's midnight black manual 3 door s. He says we have until the beginning of july to make changes. We live in Japan and it doesn't come standard with driving mode. Should I get the driving mode with the manual? Will acceleration be affected if I dont get driving mode?
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The driving modes should not have any discernible effect on torque (and therefore power) output. The overboost function works equally well in all modes too, and this can be verified by the sports instruments (power and torque readouts).

The driving modes alter throttle pedal mapping, so you need to press the pedal less in sport mode than in green, creating the impression of the engine being more powerful.

Of course when timing 0-60mph runs, you will be full throttle anyway, so I don't think the driving mode will make a difference.

Caveman Dave, I would be really interested in seeing your timings (not just because of differences between modes, but also it's good to see times).

I would highly recommend the driving modes though, particularly with the variable damper control, because they make the car feel different and that's fun!
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