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The service Manager at my local MINI Dealer was on a course at MINI last week and queried the issues I was having both with ACC and auto headlight dipping.
The answer he got was that this is exactly how the system should work.
In order to cut costs MINI went for the camera guided assistance system rather than the radar used in BMW.
The system is designed so that if at any stage the camera image isn't clear (low sun shining on it etc) then the system will deactivate for safety as it mightn't see a pedestrian or other object. Same answer covers the headlight dipping when the camera gets dazzled by light reflecting off a wall in a bend or a road sign.
That doesn't answer why the headlight dipping is so painfully slow to go to main beam in total darkness, but clearly at this time nothing is going to change.
Hopefully a firmware update in the future may at least help with the headlights.
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