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I am looking to order a US F56 when available and one of the packages I am interested in is the Driver Assist Pack. It is not showing up on the US ordering guide, AOL autos (which has a great build you own function), or the horrible Mini US configurator (which has bugs ie you can not order 18" rims with the park assist package..)

It is on the UK configurator, and the package includes:

Driver Assist Pack
• Automatic High Beams
• Adaptive Cruise Control (camera based)
• Forward Collision Warning & Mitigation (with pedestrian detection)
• Traffic Sign Recognition

That is the only option I noticed beside the heated windshield that is not on the US ordering guide. And of course the options/packs change slightly between countries, but the selection is seemingly the same.

My question is, is the Driver assist pack going to not be available until the 15' US model year? I want to get that and will wait if need be.

This is the car I am looking to order:

Mini Hardtop Manual (Volcanic Orange)
Driver Assist Package
• Automatic High Beams
• Adaptive Cruise Control
• Forward Collision Warning & Mitigation
• Traffic Sign Recognition
Sport Package
• 18” Cone Rims
• Sport Seats
• Led Headlights & White Signals
Park Assistant Package
• Parking Sensors
• Parking Assistant
Wired Package
• Connected XL With Nav
• Center Armrest
Wired Upgrade Package
• Head Up Display
• Rear View Camera

Dynamic Damper Control
Rear Fog Light
Heated Seats
Alarm System
Leather/Cloth sat gray
Cottonwood Trim with sat gray trim
Rain Sensor & Auto Lights

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Sorry gwernerjr, I'm here in the UK so have no idea about the US market mate - stay on if you can.

As far as the pack is concerned I was a little hesitant ordering it but had a quick chat with one of the forum members who has it who was kind enough to help me out.

Further I asked around especially to some friends who work at BMW - they mentioned that it's a neat system - much like what bigger cars have in them whether they be BMW Audi Mercedes etc - I was told that the level of spec in a mini is pretty incredible for a small car - however it's really only worth it though if you are planning on keeping her. Since I am no brainer.

Hope that helps
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