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Driver Assistant Package - US vs EU

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To those who have ordered and received their Mini's or anyone with any info...

From all the videos I have seen online about the F56, especially European videos/cars, there is the Driver Assistant Package that can be added on which includes the adaptive cruise control as well as the camera mounted above the rear view mirror which recognizes signs and is used also for collision avoidance.

I didn't see the option to add that package when I ordered my Mini here in the US. Is this implemented in the US Mini's as well or only in the European version of the car. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if anyone knows any of the other main differences between US and European Mini's as well!
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Definitely not retrofittable...requires front facing camera, I think 3 new computer modules, reprogramming AND a whole new wire harness for the entire electrical system. Plus, all the pre-requisite options there too, like Connected XL.

Definitely not available as a retro-fit, I have already asked as I was pi**ed off that my HUD and sat-nav does not display the relevant speed limits.

If you have sat nav, I thought it did? Is it checked to display on the HUD in your settings?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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