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Driver Assistant Package - US vs EU

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To those who have ordered and received their Mini's or anyone with any info...

From all the videos I have seen online about the F56, especially European videos/cars, there is the Driver Assistant Package that can be added on which includes the adaptive cruise control as well as the camera mounted above the rear view mirror which recognizes signs and is used also for collision avoidance.

I didn't see the option to add that package when I ordered my Mini here in the US. Is this implemented in the US Mini's as well or only in the European version of the car. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if anyone knows any of the other main differences between US and European Mini's as well!
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On the miniusa site you can download a pdf owner's guide. That must describe the US options, but for some things it just refers you to other manuals.

There's also an android owner's guide (see )

The andoid one has whole sections that the pdf one doesn't (e.g. Navigation) and I think it can tailor itself to your options of you have a VIN to enter. I have no car yet so I think I'm seeing all the options in there.

I'm sure there are differences between them (which may be EU/US differences), but sometimes it's just vague and ambiguous... which is why I've been posting questions about navigation arrows and recognised speed limits.
I thought I read somewhere that it was because of different types of road signs in different states... but who knows?

I was more interested in the active cruise control and the collision avoidance technology.

The salesman told me it would detect a vehicle approaching from behind and alert the driver by flashing your hazard lights... but reading around I don't think it does. It's all about stopping you hitting things in front. If you slam on the brakes I think it might do the hazards as well...

Anyone here tested it to its limits? :) :)
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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