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The other day, last week, I was driving along at a slower clip, around 60km/h, and I got an error stating that power output was cut down due to a drivetrain malfunction and that I should see the dealer ASAP (F56 btw). So I continued at a casual pace to finish my errands before I headed to the dealer. I stopped in and they looked it over for about an hour or so. They stated that the software needed to be updated and they scheduled me in for service to reset it.

However they did state that if the software update does not rectify the issue that they would need to drop the transmission to look at the clutch, and if it showed signs of overheating that I would have to pay for it.

Now I know for a fact that I haven't done anything to overheat my clutch other than launching it a handful of times (around probably 9 total).

The error has gone away and come back on a few times, but I have noticed that if I give it a bit of gas the error seems to go away.

What gives?
Do I have anything to worry about?
Will the update probably correct the issue?
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