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Vive le Sport Dunlop film 1969

"The films main sponsor was the 'Dunlop Rubber Company' and Dunlop and their then state of the art 'Dunlop SP Sport Radial Tyres' are seen advertised throughout the film. The classic late 1960s brightly colored 'MKII Austin Mini Cooper S' car that also features throughout the film was originally a BMC (British Motor Corporation, later became know as British Leyland) press car that was painted red with a black roof. But it got resprayed in the then bright Dunlop corporate colors for the film and as can be seen, it got kitted out with all manner of period extras too. The girl who drove the Mini Cooper S was 'Liane Engeman' and she was a Dutch born professional racing car driver at the time and she had plenty of Mini Cooper S racing experience under her belt."

Full version here...

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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