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E call tele service option faulty

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I have the Mini F56 with lots of options, one of which is the E call feature which is faulty. The dealer tells me they are awaiting a software fix. Has anyone else had this problem?
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I had/have a similar issue

My new JCW Coupe (collected Oct 2011) had the folding mirrors option. They were faulty when i collected the car; they closed OK but every 2/3 openings the mirror stopped short of full deployment and so threw the sight line off.

I was persuaded to accept the car on the promise that it would be rectified soon. All told the car went in around 5/6 times and included replacement mirrors and finally a new (redesigned) motor. None of these fixes worked and eventually they offered me the price of the option back.

I accepted this and to this date the folding mirrors still do not work correctly.

I think on reflection even though it was a minor fault i should have rejected the car or at least got a promise of repair in writing.
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