Hello everyone,

I made an account on this forum to sell these parts. Back in August, I ordered rear brakes and rotors for my 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia. For whatever reason, the company I purchased from sent me the wrong parts. I did not realize it until I went outside and started the job. When I opened the new stuff, I noticed that the rotors and pads were a bit too small. I did some research and saw they were for a Mini, not an Alfa Romeo. I was going to return them, but I got busy with work and thought I would do it later. Well, later never came. I figured I would see if there were anyone here who is in need.

I have EBC Ultimax pads (UD1308) and EBC RK Series (RK2021) in black. I am assuming that they are for the rear of the Mini, because I was told they were for the rear of my Giulia.

I paid 200 for all of it back in August. If you are in the US, I will cover the shipping.