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Hi All,

For father's day I planned on getting my dad's Mini setup with new EBC yellowstuffs pads and high temp Motul brake fluid for track day use. We've already shod the car with fresh Bridgestone pole positions S04s :)

I ordered the brake parts through Amazon and used their compatibility checker and got these:

REAR: EBC Brakes DP41931R Yellowstuff Street and Track Brake Pad
FRONT: EBC Brakes DP41789R Yellowstuff Street and Track Brake Pad

The rears simply don't fit. The overall length of the pad is shorter, the tabs are in different places and on the inside pad there is a protrusion that fouls with the caliper. I have no idea if the wrong pads are in the box, if the amazon compatibility setup is wrong or something else is happening here. I didn't even get to checking the front pads as I spent so much time screwing with the rears.

Any help would be appreciated. If anyone has a known to work street track pad alternative for the 2015 cooper s (3 door), I'm ready to return the EBCs and just get something else that I am sure will work.

The car is sitting on jackstands in the driveway now and I'm hoping to overnight parts so I can install them Tuesday afternoon.

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