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In orange yes please!:D
Actually, don't - it would disappoint you terribly. A long time ago I went with a group of middle-aged friends to the TT and one of the group had a beautifully-restored late-model 120-degree Jota. Anyone here thinking about 'bi-modal' exhausts for F56s should have heard its exhaust: a UK-only factory special, it was just a shell of a silencer with nothing at all inside it - revving the engine in front of a metal up and over door, you could actually see the door vibrate!

The disappointment was that I went on my ST1100 Pan-European old man's touring bike and it turned out that the Pan did everything, including handling, better than the Jota, as well as leaving it for dead in a straight line. I felt really bad about showing up the Jota (my adolescent dream too) like that, but it just confirms that you can't successfully turn the clock back.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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