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I am currently looking at remaps for my 2017 JCW manual after having it for a year. I’ve recently enquired with DMS automotive and have been quoted £599 and an increase to 268 ish BHP and 400 NM.

I have had my previous car a 123d Mapped by them and I was pretty impressed however recently i’ve been reading that their Dyno is pretty happy and is reading almost 15-20% high on numbers produced. Especially the video linked the comments have highlighted this.

I am also confused as to why their numbers are lower than a lot of companies for Pre LCI and state two different numbers on their website for Pre LCI 260 BHP and Post LCI 280BHP.

Ultimately I am wondering if anyone has had their mini mapped by DMS and If anyone has had their mini mapped by Mulgari? And what are your thoughts on th

P.S live in south west so cba to trek up to dervtech
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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