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Big G - Very interesting take at the new F56 - I fully share - as it lead me to order as a new car for my wife new Cooper - expected delivery early May - supposedly already produced as I got the VIN number yesterday - does anyone know how to trace it's current location please? In USA there is well functioning Owners Lounge with this functionality - but does not recognize EU VINs - and I have not found anything like this here in Europe yet.

When I was looking for third purely city use car as add on to my R class, her loved Jeep Liberty 3.7L Ltd now aging a bit but not leaving our family anymore - so we tested Smart, Smart Electric, BMW i3, new A-class, new GLA class, B-class and MINI Cooper - by far my wife had biggest smile from driving the Cooper - in addition it being her life long dream car guess what I have ended ordering - new MINI!

Why not other choices tested - Smart - sub-par riding quality (much stiffer than new MINI), except for Brabus version also lackluster performance, but OK inside and easy to get in and out - only two seater preventing occasional lift to one of our kids. Also noise and fuel consumption quite bad with the petrol versions, D version very very very slow...on the other hand probably the most rational choice of all - it would paid for itself in just 6 years from fuel savings compared with Jeep - but my wife concluded than she would rather stay with her Jeep for five more years than switching to Smart...

A-class - I really like my MB dealer - they take great care of me so I wanted to remain with their services also with our third car (they still service after warranty also Jeeps) - but the doors are strangely small and with my 190cm height quite difficult to get in - though design / performance-wise and riding quality very good - my wife commented it would be the very first MB she likes design-wise. The very same comments on the GLA as well - a bit higher ride - but the same strange small doors for me to get in and out.

B class - ugly but very practical - got offered almost unbeatable deal - just my wife refused to drive it....

BMW i3 - fantastic performance - I was really astonished with the acceleration and handling - but rather unorthodox design not to everyone's liking - plus price from the other world too....though unbeatable low operating costs - due to it's high price paid back within 12 .4 years compared with fuel savings from Jeep city driving (my wife does 12 - 15K / year).

On the other hand MINI - I always liked it - especially the Coopers from 90ties with very wide and short stance and great performance...but needed family hauler back than - the new one surprisingly roomy - and easiest to get in and out of it even for my size (this surprised me the most - as I expected superb performance by definition) - and with the new generation of BMW engines it is best performing with lowest fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from all cars tested excl. electrics - this PLUS unbelievable great performance and fun factor when driving it - hope my wife will let me drive it too... the practical part of it being, that as we plan to hold onto this MINI until it lasts, it will completely pay itself in 10 years just on fuel savings compared with her Jeep city driving....I guess rationalizing a bit otherwise more emotional choice of MINI.
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