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exhaust system

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does anyone think that there will be an john cooper works or an aftermarket exhaust system made for the mini f56's non S type?? i hope so!! so bad>:D
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Aha, I've gone from an mcs (2010) to a Cooper and at the mo have NO regrets-it sounds amazing with the standard exhaust t due to the 3 cylinder growl -very Porsche like I have to say and only a second slower than the s, with £20 year road tax and fully comp insurance at £150-what's not to like. Not sure re consumption yet-first fill with a lot of sitting around was 43, but it's showing 48pg at the mo with shortish runs! I just used what I saved on upping the spec of my car so have all the toys I wanted!
I get 36MPG after around a month. I drive mainly short distances in Green Mode. That's US gallons.

I had a Ford Escort XR3, around 20 years ago in Ireland, I got 44MPG then, all those years ago.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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