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evening everyone,

I am in the middle of modding the little dirty diesel and now thinking about exhaust so the GTD and ford focus ST-D all have aftermarket exhaust why doesnt the mini and would a ST-D dpf back from miltek fit as it sounds really nice now i'm not going to buy this until march next year i have other stuff to buy and its winter so going to try and save the penny currently i have De-Chromed (done it myself cost me £20)some stickers so +10bhp, i do have underglow ( yes i know :sick:) i do think it looks good tho. i plan on fitting an induction kit asap then saving for inter cooler exhaust and map any advice would be nice i know its only a diesel but i'm doing this because i love my wee mini and its feeding the twitch of me wanting to mod the car.

thank you for reading greatly appreciate the input i will put pics up if i get requested to.
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