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F54 6.5'' to 8.8''

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hello All, a question, I have a F54 2016 and some of the led's die in my central 6.5' display (with Satnav integrated), I'm planning to update it with a 8.8' one the seller is giving me the whole unit I mean the display and the frame (not the brain); my question is: will this fits into my mini the part I have is 9279424 6.6'' and the one I will have is 9294316 8.8''? I know I need to code it with Bimmertech or Carly? or which parts should I pay attention to be able to retrofit it? thanks a lot
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Thanks Bill
Hi Omar, did you replaced the screen? Can you share your experience? I also have some dead pixels and I probably need to change screen, unless someone knows how to fix them...
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