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F55 Child Car Seats

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Having taken delivery of our Mini Cooper 5 door yesterday this is my first post here. During the order waiting time I have probably read every post on the forum and found it a wonderful resource.

I didn't find much information about suitable child car seats here or elsewhere on the internet so I thought it might be helpful to post details of the car seat we have fitted successfully.

We have fitted a Maxi-Cosi AxissFix child seat which is suitable for children aged 4 months to 4 years. In the UK this seat is sold exclusively by Mothercare. This seat is an i-size seat (this is a new iso standard for isofix seats) that allows forward and rear facing positions and also swivels 90 degrees towards the door to allow easy access for seating the child. The seat was easy to fit using the isofox connectors and has a top tether strap that passes under the headrest into the boot and connects to the top tether point on the rear of the seat.

Hope this helps someone.

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My brother has a colleague thinking about buying a 5 door; do you manage to get buggie(strollers for our us cousins) in the boot ok?
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