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So there is various snippets of info appearing about this now…

The highlights are:

211 PS (+ 19 PS)
300 NM (+20 NM)

  • A stainless steel cat-back system – cannot be sold without the engine kit
  • Optional Carbon Fiber and Stainless tips with JCW logos
  • 15hp Power increase due to ECU remapping and increase flow
  • A remote that allows the driver to open and close the electronic baffle inside the exhaust allowing for a more aggressive note when appropriate
  • Track mode – opens the exhaust baffle increasing exhaust noise via a button on the remote – not approved for the street
  • Estimated pricing: 1,700 EUR
  • Estimated availability: September / October 2014

The exhaust sounds like this:

The unknowns, when thinking about the previous R56 version, are what (if anything?) will be included in terms of:

  • Airbox upgrade
  • Exhaust manifold upgrade
  • JCW branding / badging

Its also not known what the install time will be quoted as.

I will try and keep my eyes open and ears open and update with more info if possible. If anyone else knows any other details please post up! :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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