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Hi All
I've been watching for a while.
Today my car arrived at the dealer :)
Should pick it up next week.
Down sizing from a ML 500 and I thought that was loaded.
But the new F56 beats it in Spades.
I've added my other toy at the end ;-)

Order Date Signed Off 24 May

MINI assembly complete 20 July

Delivered to Dealer 08 August


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It is incredible!
The Active Cruise is just a Hoot!!
Lights are Cool.
Sat Nav seems a big step up.
It's fast.
It has amazing cameras :)

And as for a HiFi........
Plugged in the USB pressed a couple of buttons and it was on the Hard Drive
And playing with Album covers - had there been some play list on the USB I would guess they would have been there as well.

After years of wishing, I now have a car that is "techie competent"
I love it.

I'll try and post some pics tomorrow.
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