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F56 iphone Mirroring

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Hi All,
I just recieved my F56 Cooper SD. It's amazing, but I am trying to work out if iphone mirroring is still possible like on the older Mini Connected systems.

I notice that the menu screen has moved around and the plugin option doesn't appear to be available anymore.

Could the actual latest Mini Connected iphone app have removed this ability? Is there another workaround?

Thanks in advance!
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bebeboouk, this is a really interesting topic.

did you finally have succeeded sending video through the 3.5mm jack into the Aux socket?

Any news about Kivic One? Seems to be an interesting option. I am also following Navdy startup, it should fit nicely mini f56...

Hi sickboy,
Interesting you mentioning Navdy as I've pre-ordered one, I hoped to have it before I ordered my Mini Cooper around May/June so I could check it out before speccing the Mini HUD/ sat nav options but it seems Navdy won't ship till the end of September now.
Now I'll have to take a chance on it living up to the hype as I can't now justify the sat nav mini option.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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