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The manual vs auto discussions seem to take place on every car forum....

I would recommend an extended test drive in both Auto and manual and decide your preference... no right and wrong answer really, they are both good...

I have always loved the interaction and satisfaction of changing manual gears and the rewards of heel/toe (when I get them right lol) in the past and then I decided to give an Auto a try in my previous M135i and it was an astounding gear box where I could change up when my foot was flat on the throttle and perfect blips on the way down... what's not to like? Trouble was it made driving fast a little less challenging and made the experience less satisfying in my opinion.

I would probably say that if I would have chosen a manual, I perhaps would have kept it longer.

The Manual change in the Mini (auto blips on downchange) so this has removed the need for me to heel/toe these days but I still feel the interaction of using clutch and gear stick still rewarding compared to using paddles and redundant left foot...

Autos are probably the future I suspect and one day, manual cars will be a thing of the past so for me I would like to savour the experience while it's still with us (call me old fashioned lol)

Good luck with your decision
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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