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F56 / JCW Pro Tuning Kit

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Had an interesting chat today with my local Mini dealer regarding the F56 / JCW Pro Tuning Upgrade.

Apparently stock now in UK (100+units shown available) but at present dealers can not order.
Price quoted to me for the kit (Exhaust / ECU re program and I think air filter mod) was £1,600 inc vat with labour (un quoted) as an additional cost.

Also in addition you will require the exhaust tips (Chrome £80 each tip / Carbon Fibre £192 each tip - asked them to check as that seems expensive and wonder if this is in fact priced as a pair!).

Part number quoted for the kit was 11122359628
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You can never have enough power (actually you can in a FWD), but I wish MINI offered a lower priced ECU tune option, perhaps £600 for 20hp to 210hp. That still leaves a 20hp gap to the new JCW and I'd buy it. I struggle with the £2k price tag for this though, when there are aftermarket flashes available for £500 that can achieve 240hp. I appreciate you get the security of the warranty though.
And there's the devil in the details. I really want the MINI JCW tune, but balk at the price like you. But having blown up one MINI already, I am terrified of a cheaper aftermarket tune.

I'm going to wait a year and see how many cars blow up thanks to tuning, MINI or aftermarket. I'll probably end up sucking it up and paying MINI for the JCW tune.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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