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Here is the gist of a letter I'll be sending to MINI USA on Monday.
"On Friday evening 8/1/14 I was driving my USA spec F56 MINI Cooper S automatic at about 35 mph in Mid mode on medium throttle when I heard a loud bang and the car surged forward.
It felt and sounded just like I had been hit from behind but there were no other vehicles around. Then I noticed a warning on the center dash display to the effect: "Fault in auto start/stop function. System immobilized. Consult service". No doubt a record of this event is stored in the car's computer.
By this time I had entered the freeway so I continued home.
I let the car stand for about an hour and then drove it again. The system worked OK, as it did again today, Saturday."
Has anyone else had a similar experience? Needless to say, I plan to turn the function off until I can have it checked.
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