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I have recently noticed a “knock” on Start Up of my 2014 Cooper S.

It usually happens when it’s cold, and when it’s not been driven for a few days. I have had it checked by the dealer (extended warranty runs out in July 2021) and they say they can’t hear the noise?

I have attached 3 videos of the noise, all taken at the same time at different locations on the car (in the cabin, in the engine bay, at the rear by the exhaust).

I don’t suppose anyone else has had this issue also? Or know of anyone else who has?

Video 1 - F56 rattle on Start Up (1)

Video 2 - F56 rattle on Start Up (2)

Video 3 - F56 rattle on Start Up (3)

Sorry if this has already been posted! I’m new to the forum and still finding my way around. :)
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