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So my JCW has done 2000 miles in 4 weeks, I'd say she is run in, thing is im itching for some more power....... the engine has so much more to give.

Options I have:

remap - £495, same place from two tuners in the Uk, both need the car for a day
and say figures should be around 265-275bhp, this will be an ecu out job

JB4 - apparently this is in beta testing but will also offer similar power gains by tricking the ecu, can be removed for servicing etc.

Racechip ultimate TB - £390 delivered, again a plug and play box, this claims 288bhp.... not sure i believe this.

question is has anyone tuned their F56 (either s or jcw) and what is the feedback? are the maps smooth and is the car running well in general?

Help me decided!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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