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F56 UJ Sequential Tail Light (Coding Help)

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Hey guys! (2019 Mini Cooper F56 - Base Model)

I purchased a set of Smoked UJ Tail Lights from Amazon, and I'm having some issues coding them in Bimmercode.
Amazon Link: Here

The problem that I am running into now, is narrowing down the accurate information for properly coding these in the US. I have poked through every forum regarding the Sequential part of these lights, and from what I found out it all narrows down to a couple culprits.
  1. The lights may just need to be coded properly.
  2. The included Power Connector might need to be modified.
  3. The lights I bought, may just not be sequential.
Like I said, I've tried my best to follow instructions to code them and I have only dug myself into a deeper hole.

Here is what they are currently programmed to;
Car Automotive tail & brake light Tire Vehicle Wheel

As you can tell, it's not looking too good! When braking the tail lights don't even light up!

While attempting to code these, at one point the Sequential or Amber part of the light, was actually lit. So even if these are not sequential I'm hoping to at least have the amber section light up for my blinkers.

Here is a photo of the pin connector on the back as well.
Hand Automotive design Gadget Automotive tire Finger

There is also a "Lighting System Malfunction" error that will not go away or stop beeping.

Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive design Gadget

If anyone reading this has had any luck with their own lights, or can break down exactly how to fix this coding wise. I would GREATLY appreciate it! <3

Also, I am located in the Los Angeles area. So if anyone knows someone who can help locally let me know!

Thanks again everyone!


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Thanks for posting this. I have a 2-door Cooper S on the way and have been looking at getting tail lights with amber turn signals. I had two questions for you. What do you have to do to pop the pins out of the connector and re-insert them? Also what brand of tail lights do you have. I like the VLAND ones (VLAND LED Tail lights For 2014-2022 Mini Cooper (Mini Hatch) F55 F56 F57 Union Jack Rear Lamp Chrome TrimRed) and wonder if this fix will work for these too.
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