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Doing the factory tour on Tuesday afternoon. I have owned a Mini for over 11 years and only work about 7 miles from Cowley at Oxford Airport and this is my first time on the tour, although I did go to Sytners F56 launch event there last March. Any chance anybody else on here is going to be on the same tour? Must spend most of Monday cleaning my car before taking it back to its birthplace.
That would be a great experience! While you are there, look to see if they are building a Midnight Black JCW with manual trans would ya? :)

I remember touring the BMW plant in Spartanburg, SC (USA) back in 2002 with X5's on the assembly line. Quite an experience. BMW does something I don't think MINI does: they have a gps chip on the hood (bonnet) (where the roundel emblem goes) so the owner can actually "track their car's progress" every inch throughout the plant during assembly! That's pretty cool, and that was 13 years ago!

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