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Rally style tyres

Hi. This was exactly what I wanted to do with the MC that i have on order... however Spain is very strict with regulations and there's no way the car will pass the ITV (circulation inspection). Another annoying thing is that the warranty will be void if I raise the car and I'm not experienced enough as to be able to add/remove parts myself before taking to routine insections, etc. I live in Ibiza... tons of dirt roads so raising the car would be great, but it doesn't seem to be possible for the time being. Kinda sucks!

So I've been trying to figure out what I can do and still keep things legal... I wanted to see if i could find some Rally type tires and rims (maybe 'downgrade' to some 14-15" and get a taller profile tire with small studs or a more off-roady print. I asked the dealer what the maximum allowance for tires is from the brand... they came up with this:

205/40 R18 86W

The idea would be to extract actual max diameter of the tyre and match it but with a different configuration. ie/ smaller rim/ taller profile tyre/ as wide as possible.

Would be cool if you had any info on this, or what have you been looking at! Thanks
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