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First impressions

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Well, it's arrived and I thought I'd mention a few things I don't recall having seen mentioned recently. On a manual Cooper with various indulgences:

Firstly, it is a joy...just in case there are any unconvinced still here.

SatNav (mediaXL) is the best I've experienced, and both the map, precision and clarity of directions are A1. I was surprised at the detail coming up on the HUD - junction plans, 3D perspective motorway junctions, and most surprisingly (I hadn't realised the HUD did colour) little green road number signs. Occasionally the voice instructions have lagged, but the HUD directions have seemed to have kept up. Better than Google maps which in turn had been much better than my Garmin.

Windscreen - in one long afternoon I seem to have collected more hari-kari insects on the screen than I would have in weeks in previous cars. Not much can be done, I know, but a surprise. Anyone would think it had been sprayed with essence of appeared to be irresistible to anything with wings and six legs.

Parking Assistant - is both hysterical and impressive. I must admit I specced it mainly for my partner, but I can see myself using it as a matter of course despite being quite happy with my parking skills.

Bluetooth - my Nexus 5 shook hands, paired up, downloaded contacts and text messages and made a call to a contact (admittedly sitting next to me) easy as pie. I have yet to attempt anything more involved.

Pics to follow, should I reach a point when I am content to be near it rather than in it.
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