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Hello all,

Never one to do things by halves I've taken the plunge an ordered a Cooper S with plenty of options.

The spec is:

Volcanic Orange (the most important feature of course)
Chili Pack
Media XL Pack
17" tentacle spoke alloy wheels
Black roof and wing mirrors
John Cooper Works Spoiler
Chrome Line Exterior
Electric Folding Mirrors
Darkened Rear Glass
Sport Automatic Transmission
Heat Windscreen / Seats
Mini Yours Leather Lounge in Carbon Black
Mini Yours Dark Cottonwood Interior
LED Cornering Lights
Harmon Kardon HiFi
Head-Up Display
Anthracite Headlining
Chrome Line Interior
Rear Park Distance Control & Rear View Camera
Panoramic Sunroof
Variable Dampers
Black Bonnet Viper Stripes (going to be added at the dealer)

I think that's about it; probably spent far too much, but my philosophy is if you can afford it and it's going to make you happy then why the heck not. :)

This is my first ever mini, I've eyed them up in the past but never taken the plunge. Now I'm a little older (not necessarily wiser!) the time was right - the girlfriend thinks I'm nuts but there's nothing new there and I think she'll be won over by it once it arrives (she seem to like the colour). :)

Current car is 97 plate 1l Polo...yep...(it's still in good condition honest!), which I've had for about 5 years, so you can imagine I'm keen for the Mini to arrive and finally branch out on some good long drives around the UK.

I've gone for the auto as I like the ease of use with the option to mix things up with the paddle shifters, plus my gf is going for her automatic license so she'll be able to drive it too when she passes, that is if she can ever drag me out of the driver's seat when it arrives! :)

Order was placed on the 26th July and I've been informed by the dealer it'll be a week 35 build and should hopefully arrive around the week commencing the 7th September or soon after. To say I'm looking forward to it is an understatement - like many I think I've watched every YouTube video on the F56 (many of them in other languages - send help!) and watched the factory tour several times.

Now it's off to study up some more on detailing products etc. :)

It seems like a great community here and glad to finally be on the way to joining the Mini club - I'll post some pics when it arrives. :)

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Welcome to the community! That sounds like a fantastic specification, the MINI Yours seats and cottonwood in particular are super luxurious. Best of luck on a short wait and a smooth delivery. :)

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Love the stripes. Is that the viper stripe?
Yes it is, although it's not the version the dealer usually does but as part of the deal they waved the cost to add stripes on.

I found a pic online of that design and they were happy to replicate it - they really liked the end result too and may well add it to other cars. :)
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