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Flexibility & tractability

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Hi everyone.
I have 2 Minis (R59 & F56).
The R59 has the now discontinued 4 pot 1600cc turbo engine.
The F56 has the current 3 pot 1500cc turbo engine.

Much as I'd like to, I cannot say I love the 3 pot 1500cc turbo engine as much as the old 4 pot 1600cc turbo engine.

The 4 pot is far more responsive to the throttle, it's smoother & also far more tractable with no judder of complaints a low engine revs, meaning that I don't have to keep going up & down the box to keep the engine sounding sweet & within the power band.

All in all, the discontinued 4 pot is more relaxing to drive & the engine is far less harsh...
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The three cylinder ‘judder’ at low revs is annoying and mars what is otherwise a great engine. This low engine speed behaviour is exacerbated by a poorly chosen set of gear ratios in the manual gearbox. If you want the advantages of the newer engine but wish for a more relaxed experience, try the 2lt four cylinder.
I love the 3 cylinder-has a character all to its own that is half a Porsche and is my second favourite of any Mini I've had-JCW f54, f54 S and the f56 3 pot, the non turbo r and the r59.Sound wise and power for pound. Definitely equal to my f54 JCW with the exhaust valve! That was great too. BUT next in line comes the 4 pot turbo in the r series before the f too-so economical and great sounding-with bags of power imo a superb engine that called out to be developed not dropped but hey ho! Reliablity issues aside and 7 years and 30k miles it was faultless on a good run doing 50mpg plus yes so much of a hoot to drive!
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