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For sale: 2016 Original Black 17" wheels + Sport Maxx tires

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Asking price $1000
Location: San Francisco, CA
Shipping: On you. Pick up preferred.
Quantity: 4 wheels, 4 tires, 4 TPMS sensors

From my new MY16 Cooper S:
- Original wheels '17" Cosmos Spoke Black' (no curb rashes)
- Factory-fitted tires Dunlop Sport Maxx GT DSST (Runflats w/ only 1000 miles on them. 205/45-17)
- Factory-installed TPMS sensors in the wheels

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Includes original wheel bolts of course, plus four wheel lock bolts with key.

(Couldn't figure out how to edit the original post)

(How the **** do you edit posts on this website?!)

(How the **** do you edit posts on this website?!)
It appears you can only edit shortly after posting. :|
Love how you call kerbing a kerb rash. :nerd:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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