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Front 12V Outlet

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Just picked one up last night of the F55 Mini Cooper in Canada, coming from a R56.

I noticed the 12V outlet in the front is constantly turned on (even when the vehicle is off) -- can someone confirm this?

I ask because I used to run a dashcam on the R56, powered through the front 12V. Once the car is shut off, the dashcam would turn off as well as the power through the 12V outlet get disconnected.

Seems like I can't use the dashcam on the F55 because it would eventually drain out the battery being constantly on...??

Any way to keep the 12V turned off when the car is off?

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When you lock the doors or after 7-8 minutes, everything goes to sleep including the power socket.
I see! Thanks very much everyone for this info!
Now I'll go back to installing the dashcam and not worry about draining the battery :)
Let us know what you're using as a ground point. Right now I'm using a screw tapped into my airbag module (NOT IDEAL) but I can't find another spot that's not too difficult to get to...
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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