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Fuel economy figures for diesel F56 MINI models....

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I've been following the Fuel Economy topic with interest... but only the owners of petrol-engined cars seem to be posting.

Therefore, I thought me & my fellow diesel disciples should have somewhere where we can boast!

My Cooper D now has now covered 3k miles and is delivering over 65mpg on a mixture of town, country & motorways - mainly on the Mid setting, but with Sport sessions & Green for motorway runs. (Tyres are 16" run-flats).

With the 44 litre tank, the full range exceeds 650 miles (does anyone know why the MCP only has a 40 litre tank?) and the real-world performance of the Cooper D is absolutely brilliant.... if you've got one on order - rejoice!
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I've got the 3door MCSD, just short of 3k miles on the clock, and at this time I am still running in as per a 'Honest John' article, upto 1k no more than 3000rpm, upto 2k no more than 3500 rpm and at the moment I'm on the upto 3k no more than 4000 rpm.
Obviously on the first 1k with only going upto 3000rpm the mpg was better than now, I like you have a short commute of about 13 miles each day, and initially I was getting late 40s-early 50s mpg, more recently on using higher revs it's been around the 44mpg, but considering this is from a cold start and noting that the engine temp only shows OK after the first 6 miles when it will be at it's most efficient I think this is acceptable, also at this time of year the heated screen/ seats/lights are also on and a drain. I have made two journeys from Kendal to Manchester set the cruise at 70 mph and both times I reached 60 mpg.
1 - 1 of 94 Posts
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