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Fuel economy figures for diesel F56 MINI models....

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I've been following the Fuel Economy topic with interest... but only the owners of petrol-engined cars seem to be posting.

Therefore, I thought me & my fellow diesel disciples should have somewhere where we can boast!

My Cooper D now has now covered 3k miles and is delivering over 65mpg on a mixture of town, country & motorways - mainly on the Mid setting, but with Sport sessions & Green for motorway runs. (Tyres are 16" run-flats).

With the 44 litre tank, the full range exceeds 650 miles (does anyone know why the MCP only has a 40 litre tank?) and the real-world performance of the Cooper D is absolutely brilliant.... if you've got one on order - rejoice!
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I have to disagree. From my fuel log I have data for my last 4 cars.
Averages and total miles
MINI Coupe JCW 34.23mpg 8471 miles
Countryman SD ALL4 45.15mpg 22245 miles
BMW 116D SE Auto 57.53mpg 13232 miles
MINI Cooper D F56 (current) 64.6mpg 2051 miles

Conversion to MPG on your top 3
My f55 diesel careful driving: 5,8l/100km........48.7mpg
Our 2011 BMW 116d, not carefully driven: 5,8l/100km...........48.7mpg
The loaner Countryman SD carfully driven: 7,2l/100km...........39.23mpg

I would put it down to your driving style
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People have to remember that Official figures are done on a rolling road, with the extra urban figures at a max of 55mph, if you drive around on country roads at 55-60 mph max and set the cruise on the motorway at 70 mph you will get very respectable figures.

Also do people really expect a car with 170hp to return 75mpg,
I also heard that road tax for diesel cars will be going up dramatically either this year or next year. Not sure if that was just for business use diesels though.
It may go up in the next parliment , as will additional charges to enter certain cities, but the EURO6 diesel engines will be exempt, therefore all F55/6 will be excempt from additional duty and city charging.

In a lot of cities in Europe you need a pass, the emissions of the car determine which areas you are permitted to enter.

This drive is down to EU regulations and will always give manufacturers a number of years to comply with new regulations before they are enforced.
Following this thread with interest; I have a Cooper D with approx. 1700 miles on the clock and I am seeing 54.1 mpg displayed with a slightly higher calculated value of about 55 mpg (one tankful gave 57 mpg) over the limited number of fill-ups since taking delivery.

From memory the low mileage Demo I took out was displaying about 63 mpg.

My work journey is a return trip of 56 miles with a good mix of stop, start traffic, A Road and Motorway. On the Motorway I was dismayed to see what a dismal instantaneous mpg that sixth gear returns. On the slightest incline where gentle accelerator pressure is required to maintain momentum the display plummets to 33 mpg! Not economic gearing at all. I shall avoid 6th for a couple of weeks sticking with 5th to see what happens.

I appreciate Diesels take a fair time to run-in so will see how things go. The car was purchased on an estimation of 12 - 15K a year however despite this being the break-even point for a Diesel vehicle, low mpg's and higher initial costs bring this into question.

Interestingly I see Nick's posting about his loaner One D; the brochure figure of 48 mpg for urban motoring isn't far off what he's obtaining. Must be driving it like he's still in his Cooper S ;)

Regards Bob
I find that 6th gear is less economical until you hit about 70mph, the engine does not like to be laboured.
Bob, be assured that the little Cooper D engine will definitely loosen up with more miles - mine is a peach after 8,000+ Miles.

From my experience, the best economy is achieved between 1,500 & 2,000 rpm in 6th gear & Green Mode on a run (unsurprisingly perhaps!). My assumption is that the gear-change indicator does actually work correctly in optimising fuel economy - but I'll look out for the results of the 5th-gear test!

Has the software been updated on your car? There was a 'service improvement' recall for Cooper D models and I've noticed some slight improvements since mine was done. (After the upgrade, my dash shows the winged MINI logo on start-up & shut-down, in replacement of the BE MINI message).

Happy motoring!
Mine hates 6th gear at 1500rpm, I don't get the 5th to 6th indication until 2100rpm in 5th.
Really Dave? Are you talking about Green Mode?

In Mid Mode, my car indicates the change up to 6th at about the point you mention, but it's earlier in Green Mode (and whatever happens to the engine settings, Green makes my car very happy at 1,500rpm).
I have never tried green mode, going on a long trip this weekend so I will give it a go.
Home to Dover, mainly motorways with about 20 miles roadworks and a very busy Dartford Crossing. Also between Dartford and Dover there was a very strong headwind.
Prior to Dartford Crossing it was showing 79.3mpg.


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Latest run, motorway traffic was heavy but kept moving.


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Quite right.

I will use fictitious figures for a quick example. If you're in 5th at 1500rpm doing 60mph with the accelerator at 15%, you will do the same speed in 6th at 1200rpm, but the accelerator will be at 10%.

The only time that a 'higher' gear will not be more economical is when you are going up a hill and you have to depress the accelerator more to keep the car at speed.

Also, perhaps obviously, if you are in a 'lower' gear and using higher RPM's, this will also reduce MPG.

Put simply, the lower the RPMs in the highest gear possible and the lighter you touch the GO FASTER peddle, the more MPG you will achieve.

Not necessarly true, the torque required to drive the higher gear may require extra fuel. Try driving at 40mph in 4th, then go in to 5th and watch the MPG drop.
Well I don't think I am going to change my driving style when I get mid 70's to low 80's.
I must be doing something right.
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I have 5600 miles on the clock now, MPG seemed to improve with every tankful. Whether this was down to me learning to drive it better or the engine loosening up I wouldn't like to guess.
From 1800 miles to 5400 miles I was on 175 r15 winters, I am now back on 195 r16 normal tyres, so I will have to wait and see if this changes anything.
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My latest journey home from work, traffic was terrible, so I stuck it in green mode.
Also I am back on the 16" wheels which seem to be slightly worse than the 15" ones with winter tyres.
So I am now on the look out for a set of mint 15" wheels with tyres.


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Real world mpg-mini diesels do well ! Note none do what the daft mpg test says as it is totally unrealistic but at least we have a comparator!
3 different trips to work pics attached plus one longer trip from home to Dover. Today I was not as efficient as yesterday, I only got 82.1mpg
Mini's figure of 80.7 is easily achievable.


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I have an F55 Cooper D and although it's only done 800 miles, I struggle to hold on to 55mpg+... Is this normal for how many miles it's done or am I never to get 650 miles from my 44 litre tank? This is a mixture of all types of driving, like OP.
My runs are a mixture of short Journeys, motorways and country roads.
I can get well over 75mpg at will.
My last fill up was 42 litres and I had covered 692 mile.

MPG will improve as the engine beds in, I have now 7450 miles on the clock.

Try setting the LED ring to respond to driving in green mode and then try to keep it lit all the way up, then watch your mpg improve.
The biggest key to getting good mpg is learning the car and how it responds to throttle change.
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I've got to say, I was pretty darn happy to have gotten home last night having not exactly driven in the most efficient manner with over half a tank of gas left. Some spirited driving there in the Georgia hills and I was still pulling 25mpg! Can't beat that with a stick
Maybe you should post this in the MCS MPG section, because posting 25mpg in the diesel section makes us with Cooper D's feel smug getting over 80mpg.
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You can feel as smug as your hearts desire! It doesn't change the fact that I'm still happy as a clam to get roughly half the MPG of the D after what I've been driving, so bonus... we all are happy!
25 is not half of 80, but so what, if I didn't do high mileage I would be in a S. :)
I find that the more mpg I get, the harder I try to drive economically. If you don't try you will not achieve figures anything like 80 mpg.
Absolutley agree, if I drive it like I did previous cars without keeping a close eye on the mpg I only get 60-65
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