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Fuel economy figures for diesel F56 MINI models....

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I've been following the Fuel Economy topic with interest... but only the owners of petrol-engined cars seem to be posting.

Therefore, I thought me & my fellow diesel disciples should have somewhere where we can boast!

My Cooper D now has now covered 3k miles and is delivering over 65mpg on a mixture of town, country & motorways - mainly on the Mid setting, but with Sport sessions & Green for motorway runs. (Tyres are 16" run-flats).

With the 44 litre tank, the full range exceeds 650 miles (does anyone know why the MCP only has a 40 litre tank?) and the real-world performance of the Cooper D is absolutely brilliant.... if you've got one on order - rejoice!
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That is fantastic.

I have just driven about 35 miles in my Cooper and the trip comp showed 55mpg.

Could the diesel tank just be bigger to give a higher headline range figure?
Maybe it is just the SD that is not great on economy?
45mpg in a ONE D, that is terrible! I am averaging that in my petrol Cooper in pretty slow moving commuter traffic.

With diesel costing around 30p more per gallon in the UK and also an extra £1K more in initial purchase price I just don't see the point in a diesel unless you are doing at least 20k miles per year.

Especially now that the petrol cars are turbocharged and have a decent amount of torque.
That is how it should be. Good stuff!
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Sirron, don't forget about the UK/US Conversion.

X by 1.2 for us to UK and divide by 1.2 to go back to US mpg.

So your 35 is about 42 UK mpg. Not to far from what I get in my f56 Cooper in the winter.
18% increase in fuel consumption aircon!
I had thought that modern aircon systems put far less load on than they used to.
Whenever I have tried driving with mine off it made no noticeable difference.
I leave mine on pretty much all the time. Must try using it less.
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21 mpg is the worst I have ever heard of for an r56 Cooper. i got 38-41out of mine with ac on constantly.
does the Cooper D have a DPF? If is does your car will need a regular blast along the motorway to clean it out.

I do not see the logic of buying a diesel car if you are not doing 20k or so miles per year. The car costs about £1500 more and diesel is more expensive in the UK.
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