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Fuel economy figures for diesel F56 MINI models....

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I've been following the Fuel Economy topic with interest... but only the owners of petrol-engined cars seem to be posting.

Therefore, I thought me & my fellow diesel disciples should have somewhere where we can boast!

My Cooper D now has now covered 3k miles and is delivering over 65mpg on a mixture of town, country & motorways - mainly on the Mid setting, but with Sport sessions & Green for motorway runs. (Tyres are 16" run-flats).

With the 44 litre tank, the full range exceeds 650 miles (does anyone know why the MCP only has a 40 litre tank?) and the real-world performance of the Cooper D is absolutely brilliant.... if you've got one on order - rejoice!
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The fuel economy test is just like the exam results that we all like to quote - we swatted for hours the night before and there's not a cat in ****'s chance we could achieve the same result today without warning....

I wonder if poor Mini diesel fuel consumption figures arise from people enjoying driving them and hence not driving very economically? I've got just 48mpg (5.9l/100km) from my SD Roadster over 30,000 miles, but then I regularly travel on empty windy roads that could double as tarmac rally stages, so I can't be expected not to have any fun. Driving a diesel Passat economically would come naturally - but staying awake would be the big problem.
I got 38.4 mpg out of my R57 Cooper over 50,000 miles, thrashing it most of the time, cruising at 85 but without much city driving.
I do have the climate control on all the time, I didn't think this would affect the MPG as it's mostly heating, as the warmer weather hasn't hit yet to justify air-con.
If you have not disabled the aircon by pressing that button so its light goes out, you will still be using aircon even in cold weather.

In my Roadster I normally have auto control on but with aircon switched off. In cold weather I use short bursts of aircon 'on' to dehumidify the cabin air and so control window misting quickly, even though the heater is heating. If the air is being dehumidified, then it's being cooled, whatever the temperature it finally comes out of the vents.

If you have aircon on in cold weather, you will actually be using air conditioned air that has been cooled down by the aircon and then heated up by the heater!
1 - 3 of 94 Posts
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