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Fuel economy figures for diesel F56 MINI models....

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I've been following the Fuel Economy topic with interest... but only the owners of petrol-engined cars seem to be posting.

Therefore, I thought me & my fellow diesel disciples should have somewhere where we can boast!

My Cooper D now has now covered 3k miles and is delivering over 65mpg on a mixture of town, country & motorways - mainly on the Mid setting, but with Sport sessions & Green for motorway runs. (Tyres are 16" run-flats).

With the 44 litre tank, the full range exceeds 650 miles (does anyone know why the MCP only has a 40 litre tank?) and the real-world performance of the Cooper D is absolutely brilliant.... if you've got one on order - rejoice!
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Took delivery of Cooper D some 2 months late at the end of June but have been disappointed at the fuel consumption. I know you should not take too much notice of the official figures but as this model is being advertised as being more fuel efficient than the last model that is what I was expecting. Our previous 11 plate which we had for 3 years averaged 60 mpg; on weekend trips away using A roads we would get up to 75mpg. After some 2000 miles the new Cooper D averages 53 mpg although we did manage 63mpg on a trip to the coast the other weekend using A roads. My wife is the main driver and there is no commuting; we live in a rural area with good A roads to reach nearby towns and cities and there has not been any change in the number of miles driven or routes used in the period of ownership of 3 different models. Previously we owned a 57 plate Cooper (petrol) and even that averaged 48mpg. The new Cooper D is disappointing when compared to our previous experience. Any thoughts?

I did phone Mini Customer Service and they said it was surprising and booked us in to our local Mini dealer next week. Don't know what they can do; presumably "something can be adjusted" but I am prepared for the usual "everything seems fine".
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