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One of the most popular tire shops in Japan of Fuji Tires has English URL 'tire fitting room'.
To use this, you need to register (I tried registration in English). it looks phone number registration is little bit tricky but please follow the below example.

my home number is 813XXXXYYYY: 81 is country code and 3 is Tokyo.
In case of NY, 1212XXXXYYYY (1 for US and 212 for NY, I believe) and London would be 44207XXXYYY.

you are required to register both fixed line and mobile but I managed to complete the registration form with registering the same fixed line numbers for both home and mobile.

After registration, designate year and model.
then, as a starter, select 'tires and wheels' and
choose summer and 17 for wheel inch.

If you can got to page 'Wheel fitting room', you can click wheels below FUJI-MINI to change how it looks.

This site is not easy even for me Japanese but please try when you have plenty of time;)
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