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Hi Patch,

My MCS is now technically run-in :) so I've been testing the car in a variety of situations. A couple of observations:

It is a very quick car for a FWD. Because of the high levels of torque the grip is often overcome in anything but very dry conditions. Normally you don't notice the electronics reducing power/using the brakes, but I think the electronics provide assistance nearly all the time. What I've found is that acceleration between 2000rpm and 4000rpm in grippy conditions is fantastic, if the electronics play their part and feed the power in more progressively then the car isn't much slower but it doesn't give you same kick in the back.

Like any single-turbocharged car, the turbo won't be fully effective at all engine speeds. The MCS gives it best from little over tickover to 5000rpm (max power is between 4700-6000rpm). Whilst power doesn't build beyond this point and therefore can feel a little flat, it doesn't feel like it's tailing off before the rev limiter like the R56 MCS did. A friend of mine has a Civic Type R and we're agreed that in a drag race they would be neck and neck with the MINI taking off in each gear and then being caught up by the Type R.

In certain situations I think the car is very quick (20-50mph in 2nd, 30-70mph in 3rd etc.), in fact at times it feels like it can be quicker from 40mph to 60mph in 3rd than in 2nd. Yesterday I timed the car from 30 to 50mph in 3rd gear in 2.7s.

The only disappointment for me is that first gear feels far too short (little over 30mph). Unless you're on a perfect flat road in dry conditions then the DSC will cut in....

It's also worth noting that it doesn't produce any more power (torque) in sport mode than it does in mid or green mode. The car will overboost in green mode (if you have the driving excitement analyser specified it will show you).

It's all subjective of course and depends on what you're used to, but this is a genuine 6.5s to 60mph car, quick not rapid.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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