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First of all thanks for all your posts on this topic, it helped me a lot to do this retrofit.
I decided to go ahead and install a new JCW steering wheel with paddles on a standard 3 cylinders Cooper F56 Diesel from 2014. This engine is great fun to drive as the power comes at very low RPM..
Anyway, i was not sure that the paddles would work on my mini as I could not find any post saying that the early models F56 (2014) had the wires installed.. so it was a bet and indeed, wires were installed.:)
The other thing were the buttons for the cruise controls, different from standard wheel... (i bought the complete JCW wheel from ebay)
It turns out that everything was plug and play, and everything works ok.. Just one thing surprising though, the "resume/cancel" button works only as 'resume" and cancel is activated by pressing the central "cruise" button.. so no big deal but surprising.. the ACC buttons are useless as I do not have ACC option.
Prior to the steering wheel swap, I coded the car with 2TB and deleted 205... the shifting feels quicker with 2TB, and it's a great pleasure to use the paddles with this activated sport transmission :giggle:
Last thing, to remove the airbag, it is worth sacrifying a flat screwdriver and grind it.. it makes it super easy to catch the airbag holders.
That's it for now, if anyone needs any tip for this procedure, I would be happy to help ;)
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