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Gotta get me one of these!

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Hello all! My lease is up on my passat next June and I am currently looking into my next car. I find the mcs to be the next car to get. I am a tall/big guy and it concerns me a bit if I will fit. 6'5" 265 lbs. How much room is there going to be behind my seat. I have two younger kids who are in car seats but will be in booster seats by the time I buy the car. Any thoughts would be great. Looking forward to joining the mini family next year!
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There will be virtually zero room behind your seat, sorry.

The 5 door should be better for you. It is out in a couple of months.
Sports seats only in the S I believe. Try the Cooper, a pretty quick car.

I had an r56 S and drivability wise the new car is at least as good, plenty torque. Also the standard seats in mine are good.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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