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Yesterday 23rd (April 2015), I was in my 2014 Mini Cooper S, in the parking lot of our church, waiting for my wife, with the engine running - when a God-awful THUNK from the transmission caused the whole car to shudder, the seat hit me in the back like I’d been rear ended.

A message said ‘Engine will not start, inform Mini service.’ Or something like that. I was too shaken/surprised to really get the message.
The car went dead and I could not start it.

After a couple of minutes of trying, the car did start
I was able to drive home - with the car performing as usual.

This was the only time the car has scared me. I thought I should post this - in case someone else has had the same scary experience. :crying:

I’ll go by the dealer today and give him a copy of this problem.
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