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Great News

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Discovered this afternoon that my MINI is being built and is due to be delivered on the 14th July. As I have to travel up north to collect I'll be going to collect on the following Monday (staying overnight on the Sunday).

Seriously can't wait!! :)
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I collected mine from Boston yesterday! They were all fab :) even posted a picture of me and my dad on their Facebook with the car hehe. I also found out why they are not on orange wheels - MINI UK would let them use it anymore :eek:

Fab dealership - couldn't recommend them enough :D
That's great news Ellie, can't wait to see the pics. Did you get any nice toys thrown in? I'm not expecting anything due to discount.

Not surprised at Orange Wheels, we got in there just at the right time. So pleased for you.
Still 8.5 weeks away

Is that close?

It's closer than you were last week!!!
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Don't forget to come Worcester way :D
Will do!!:)
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