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Hi all,

Joined Metalpetal's Facebook group 'I want my Mini Cooper!' last week based on a thread on here, so thought it was time I registered and introduced myself.

Ordered my Dooper on 23rd June after weeks of it is!!

Currently in status 1200 and pencilled in for last week of July production.

Mini Cooper D
Blazing Red / Black Roof / Black Stripes
Black 16"
Chili Pack
Media Pack
Chromeline int/ext
Reverse sensors
Heated windscreen

Had never driven a BMW Mini until the test drive in April. In fact, I was very old school when launched in 2001 and anti BMW!! It's taken a while but I've learnt to accept it's the closest thing to a classic Mini that I'll ever get to these days and very excited about it!!!!

Owned a number of classic Minis in the past including convincing my now wife to buy a brand new 2000 MY Classic Cooper Sport with her graduate loan. Lol! Still miss that car.

So, fourteen years and a number of Volvos, VWs and an MG later.... time for a new MINI adventure!

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Nearly went VO btw! I'm just not exciting enough!!

Yeah, dealer phoned me a few days after ordering saying it went to 1200 on 25th - just two days after the order went in. They wanted to check whether I'd be happy with a 14 plate or whether I want to hold off. I wonder if July/August builds will be quiet in anticipation of 64 plates being released??? Expecting it to slip to be honest. Fingers crossed.
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