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Hey! I took delivery of my Mini EV level 3 this week.

Last year I got a hankering for a mid-life crisis. Took a Tesla, Nissan and Citroen out for a spin before taking the Mini out. It was easily the car for me. Grown up kids, so no need for back seats (much) and a wife with her own car, this is my toy. I went for the BS1363 inspired wheels (which my friend John affectionately calls "Jesus Wheels"), which seem to polarise opinions. I love them.

Arrived on Wednesday, and I've had a grin on my face every time I go near it. Today I have guys arriving to put a wallbox on the house. I tried charging at public chargers over the last couple of days, and had 50/50 success rate. I knew what I was getting into though, it's all good.

One fly in the ointment, when I try to get the car paired with the Mini app on my phone, the secure code never arrives to the car. I called the dealership who told me this is a widespread issue. Seems a bunch of people who bought Minis since the start of this week are unable to pair. I don't mind too much, it still drives, I will just have to wait and see what the fix is when it comes.

All the best everyone! Peep peep!

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