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Gtechniq Crystal Serum

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Hi,Looking into this however it can only be applied by accredited Gtechniq detailer's has anyone had this applied to there is the demo video..
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Well good for Crystal Serum! Personally if I can't detail my own car I don't want any exclusive product I can't use. Not knocking CS, but hey...half the enjoyment of oning a MINI is caring for, polishing, and waxing or sealing. There are plenty of user friendly products out there!
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I agree and disagree O2 .... I would wholeheartedly recommend CS now that I've had it applied ....and I'm the queen of clean :) For anyone in situations where car cleaning isn't always convenient - such as living in a flat, no readily available access to water taps or storage space for products or simply don't have the time for full day details, then CS is definitely the way forward. A heavy shower of rain is sometimes all that's required to clean the car.

CS can still be waxed/sealed on top (I currently have the EXO). It just provides extra protection and physical barrier towards contaminants such as bird lime, tree sap etc etc.

Just because you wouldn't consider it, don't knock it.

I'm not knocking it (I said that). But, in fairness, since I've never tried it..or even seen it on a car, I'm big enough to keep an open mind on how good it "really" is.

Where I stand my ground is, why use a product that can damage your car if not applied correctly? That, to me, is just asking for trouble....and loss of control for the care of your own car!

The only time anyone touches my car, is when I cannot do the work myself. It gets down to choices and practicality, I realize. For some, it's simply a great way to protect the car with little or no effort on their part....that's not my thing.....I love washing and waxing my car! :)
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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