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Gtechniq Crystal Serum

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Hi,Looking into this however it can only be applied by accredited Gtechniq detailer's has anyone had this applied to there is the demo video..
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No this but my wife had a glaze put on her mini roadster s. If you read the press etc these things are fine but VERY expensive; I did a bit of an internet trawl and found a glaze on ebay-the whole kit to treat the whole car for £8 in c pnp and you can get autoglym life shine etc on there too! It is VERY easy to apply -basically just like putting on two coats of polish-a primer and then a glaze and polish off with water. simples and you are there fore paying for the labour. If like me you like polishing a car, then these treatments are a waste of time.
They say you get more for your car when you resell but we never have! just look after it properly!
The interior is a simple spray on job like scotch guard!

Basically don't if you like looking after your car!
sorry that should say NOT and 'A Glaze' is the stuff I used!
Within a few mins I found this for the sealant and al l the products they do are on there- i'll bet far cheaper to do yourself and it really is VERY easy-this stuff looks v simple-why pay someone to do it;
You did well .ours wouldn't but as you say I am very pleased with my diy a glaze results
Gosh poor you Donna. You've really had little luck with that sorry for you. I must admit I used to find it annoying I couldn't polish our a glazed car but found out you can apply a wax over it so t hats now what i do. Dodo juice orange crush on my vo if I feel the need. And purple haze on the black roadsters. The duster has no treatment at all but I don't feel quite the same urge to make it sparkle! Have polished it with turtle wax nano tec!
True BUT conversely, i havent tried many things that without a bit of practice i couldnt do; i must admit i am not good at plastering or welding but with time i am sure i could get the hang of it. I applied a glaze to our cars; £400 dealer option and it was the easiest stuff in the world to apply-one coat of polish type stuff then a clear coat polished off damp. simple. basically it is the labour charges that bump the price up-essentailly you have to polish the car 3 times. I am sad and enjoyed it!
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Sorry Donna wasnt decrying crystal serum at all and i love how your car looks. Just saying there are other products out there claiming to do similar things that may well be inferior but that you can apply yourself and essentially as long as you are sensible it is just a labour intensive job like polishing. i've been very happy with the a glaze on our cars -one dealer applied at £400 and one i applied myself at £8 for the whole kit. and i cant tell the difference. I have to say the crystal serum does look far superior to the rest at the moment though . J
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