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Handbook Leather Folder

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Took delivery today of my F56 MCS brilliant so far, but just sat down for the evening to read the handbook and got it out the glove box. Is it meant to have to just be a lose book? I have always had a number of books held in a leather folder with previous Audi's & BMW's am I expecting to much!?

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I received a great rip-stop(?)pouch for mine. Your dealer seems like a cheapskate. Tell him so.

That would be a loose book. Sorry - couldn't help it.


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Mine came loose too - no folder. Waaah, I want one!
I only have the one book as well, is that all I get?!
I've been trying to find a good folder to keep these books in. Anyone know of a source?
I got the same pouch that Sirron has. Inside were quite a few different handbooks, including a paper copy of the owner's manual, a separate "Mini Safety" booklet, a service manual and insurance documentation.
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I got a handbook and a wallet/pouch that looks different. I took the base radio so no facility for online documents. I think the wallet was fake leather because I recall having to clean photocopy ink off of it from an addenda page enclosed.

I would attach a photo but I am stuck in the hospital again and I don't know when I'll get out right now. Meanwhile my mini sits in my shop pining away for me. LOL
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