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Harman Kardon option for the F56 - official PDF

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I have the Harman Kardon audio option on my car and am very pleased with it...

However, as this PDF (above link) shows, the speakers under the seats are Woofers - not Sub-Woofers!

Particularly when playing uncompressed/lossless digital music tracks, I find the bass to be well-defined & clear - but many other people on this forum find the bass to be lacking... presumably because there is no Sub-Woofer!

I believe the standard audio system has speakers next to each seat, front & rear, but NO speakers under the front seats. These arrive with the various audio upgrades...

The H/K option adds two speakers in the top centre of the dash, the very stylish & clean-sounding Tweeters at the base of the A-pillars, the under-seat Woofers & the 400-watt DSP Amp.

In my opinion, it's an essential upgrade if you enjoy listening to recorded music (rather than the radio).
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And the tweeters in the rear side panels too. The underseat speakers are woofersr but the difference between a sub and a woofer is moot. Generally the big speaker tuned to do the lowest frequencies can be labelled a sub woofer the larger door speakers are mids and then the tweeters for the highs in the doors. So I shall carry on calling them subs as that's what they do. They are all woofers!
Ps don't care what they're called as you quite rightly say the system sounds wonderful!
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Try this ,

The under seats are described as under seat woofer for central bass.quite right.
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